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The Banzai Rally™ is dedicated to providing the ultimate driving experience. Plain and simple. This promises to be the greatest road trip in the UK specifically for Japanese cars. 


The Banzai Rally™ is not a race or timed event but a tour and collaboration of Japanese car enthusiasts who will travel throughout the UK seeking adventure

en-route to the UK's ultimate Japanese car show - Japfest. 


In 2021, the good, the bad and the ugly will immerse themselves in some of the most scenically stunning and technically challenging routes and back roads the UK has to offer. 


The Banzai Rally™ will bring together the country’s most prominent and influential Japanese car enthusiasts for an epic four-day adventure  - creating memories that will last a lifetime. 


Packed with exclusive parties, luxury hotels, breathtaking routes and the ultimate swag bag for every participant, the rally will finish at the home of motorsport, Japfest Silverstone, providing an unforgettable backdrop to close the second Banzai Rally. 


What are you waiting for?