In 2018 The Banzai Rally latched its first year on the road, and this time it’s a strictly European extravaganza.

Dublin, Ireland, was the start point for the 2016 edition of Maximillion Cooper’s circus of celebs, craziness and cars. From there there’s a quick pit stop in Belfast before hopping onto a ferry and into the Scottish highlands to shack up in Edinburgh for the night. That’s just day one.

On Bank Holiday Monday, they’ll snake their way down the UK via Manchester to roll into London sometime in the afternoon. Amazingly, the powers that be at Gumball have managed to close down the whole of central London’s Regent Street for a day to allow members of the public to come down, feel like they should’ve worked harder at school, see the cars, stars… and David Hasselhoff. So you may want to consider topping up your Oyster Card.

After London, the route ticks off Germany, Prague, the Hungaroring, Budapest, and Transylvania before the chequered flag is waved in Bucharest 11 countries later.

But we all know the part that interests you is the cars. So we’ve gone and snapped all of ‘em. And it’s a wild bunch.

From multiple McLarens, a frenzy of  Ferrari F12 TDFs, Hellcats, obligatory jacked-up G-Wagens and even a Lamborghini-based Batmobile and somehow-street-legal F1 car. All wrapped in lurid liveries and stickered up like a sixth-former’s school diary.